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Solar Air Heater


TermoFlow© is a hot air solar collector for air heating. The collector heats air that then is put into the heated room. 

Beside the main function of independent heating, the collector contributes to improve the air salubrity in locked rooms and houses (second houses, summer cottages) and consequently to reduce the formation of mould

The third function is a light freshing in summer nights. 

The design of the collector is simple and that simplifies its mounting and operation. 

The innovative and patented technology inside the collector ensures a high efficiency with no maintenance. The collector continues working even withvariable and cloudy sky

In the collector there are no circuits with liquids and thus the product is resistant to any low temperatures. 

A special internal design limits dust accumulation inside while a regular solar irradiation prevents the propagation of dangerous bacteria, for example, legionella. 

To mount the collector you just have to drill two simple holes in the sunside wall. Inside you see just two holes covered with registers: behind the upper one there is a fan extracting the air from the room and giving it back through the lower hole. 

The whole system is regulated by an electronic controller included the collector kit. The controller regulates both heating and summer freshing and is compatible with timers. 

The standard TermoFlow size:

  • 200 x 100 cm 

    On request we may produce collectors of other sizes 

    Besides, on request it is possible to get a special design with simplified access to the collector to regulate registers. 

    The absorption surface is produced without paints or other volatile substances. So, no harmful vapours may occur. The absorption layer is particularly sensitive to the infrared radiation and, consequently, allows to use the inverse radiation to dissipate heat in summer nights to fresh the room. 

    Technical data of TermoFlow collectors 

    Size 150х70 cm
    non standard
    150х100 cm
    non standard
    200х100 cm
    Nominal heating power at solar radiation 1000 W/m2 700 W 1050 W 1400 W
    Average temperature delta 30 °C 30 °C 30 °C
    Collector area 1 m2 1,5 m2 2 m2
    Air flow 90 Nm3/h 135 Nm3/h 180 Nm3/h
    Weight 10,2 kg 12 kg 16,5 kg
    Recommended room area 16 m2 20 m2 30 m2
    Option: forced ventilation kit 220 V

    Option: photovoltaic forced ventilation kit 12 V


        TermoFlow Technical Datasheet



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